Open this Weekend

Saturday April 16 th 2016

Sunday April 17 th

Welcome to Quest For Adventure's sports park for the game of paintball. 2016 is the parks 31th year resulting in one of the longest running paintball fields in Canada. The field is located only minutes away from NE Edmonton giving quick access to other communities like St.Albert , Sherwood Park , Fort Saskatchewan .

The field is located in a very unique geological location to provide a variety of terrain and vegetation. There  some sand ridges throughout the property which are cover with pine forest with very little undergrowth and with a sand base which allow you to play in a mud free environment. Off the sand ridges you enter into moss filled spruce forests with a peat moss base intermixed with grassy willow filled meadows.

In addition to the natural terrain are 3 towns that players can play through , and forest area with many built up bunkers.


To book your group   

Ph. 780-942-3330

email:  [email protected]


[email protected]




includes   sniper smock 

                98 customs marker and HPA      

                ammo pouch to carry extra paint 

                Thermal lens goggles & mask

                 200 paintballs

                 2 hrs of play time , usually takes this amount of time to go through 200 paintballs     

$50.00 - your equipment and 500 paintballs

            - 3-4 hrs to shoot 500 paintball

3 towns to play through and many woods ball fields